How Can You Help?

Notify us about worthy programs that are rescuing and caring for unwanted dogs and cats.  Our grants can make a big impact in the lives of these helpless victims.  

Do you know of a charity in your area that is doing amazing work by helping abused, abandoned or homeless dogs and cats?  Let us know about them so we can send them funding.

Every 8 seconds a dog or cat is put to sleep in an animal shelter.  On average 6 million enter animal shelters each year and at least half of those will be euthanized.

See who we have supported through our grants.  We fund local charities that are doing great work in your community by rescuing, caring for, and finding forever, loving homes for dogs and cats that have been abandoned to the streets.  


Dogs & Cats Stranded on the Streets

What Are We Doing?

Rescuing these victims of neglect and abuse that are found roaming our highways and streets.   Our grants provide them with medical care and find them safe, loving and permanent homes.